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Starters & Improvers

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Take your skills to the next level

The Harness, Waterstart and Carve Jibe are among the most important skills you will ever learn while windsurfing. We provide a wide range of equipment, specially designed to assist you in mastering or improving those skills!

Wide age range

Whether you are 7 years old or 60! We have appropriate equipment and are dedicated to get everyone comfortably windsurfing, and most importantly – to have fun on the sea!


Moves to learn


Specially designed rigs for kids



The first steps

We use the highly successful Starboard “Start” boards for our first time beginners – guaranteed to get anyone up and windsurfing in just a couple of hours. On land you will get to use our windsurfing simulators, perfect for mastering the technique before going on the water.

Our team

The Surfers Paradise team consists of friendly, experienced and qualified personnel, always on hand to assist you in getting the most out of your windsurf holiday whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. We are a multi national team from all over the world and will most likely be speaking your language!

Would you like to try the newest trend in windsurfing? By attaching a foil to a windsurf board you can get planing in very light wind with the feeling of flying! Now available to try at our center.

Price list


1 hour Demo : €45

2 hour Taster : €70

4 hour Introduction : €130

6 hour Introduction : €165*

4 hour Next steps : €130

1 hour Advanced – incl. equipment : €55*

 3 hour Advanced – incl. equipment : €150*

1 hour Advanced excl. equipment : €35*

3 hours Advanced excl. equipment : €100*

*Online rate – On site prices are + 10%


Premium beginner boards from Starboard
Harness, Wet suit, Life jacket
Specially designed rigs for children
Use of latest 2021 JP boards & Neilpryde sails

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