• Other Activities!

Wind or no wind? No matter the day, we have plenty of activities set up to keep you busy!

Stand up Paddle & Jet bikes

Stand up Paddle Rental

At Surfers Paradise we have a selection of Stand up Paddle boards ready to go on the water for the non-windy days! Take your family along for a relaxing paddle session in Ixia bay or grab your friends and organize a race!

Stand up Paddle & Jet bikes

Stand up Paddle Tours

Our Stand up Paddle center Paddle Paradise is located on the non windy side of the island. Here you can enjoy every day tours where you paddle through unique caves and swim in the amazing turquoise waters!

Stand up Paddle & Jet bikes

Waverunner Jet Bikes

These machines can handle every kind of weather, so no need to wait for the non windy days. Have you ever had the chance to see how 110 hp feels like on the water? We guarantee, you won’t be disappointed

Stand up Paddle

Are you looking for easy paddling along the coast, exploring the turquoise waters during one of our tours or are you going to have a first go on riding some waves? We have Stand up paddle packages for all needs and in sizes suiting all riders, kids and adults!

Jet Bike Rental

With our latest Yamaha Wave-runner jet bikes there is plenty of action to experience!



  • 1 Hour
    15 €
  • Half day
    30 €
  • Intro
    35 €


  • 15 minutes
    40 €
  • 30 minutes
    70 €
  • All the Stand Up Paddle tours include pick up and drop off from your hotel or from Surfers Paradise.
  • The rental of Stand up Paddle boards and Jet bikes include all the necessary equipment.